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duh-news <DIR>17 items13 Dec 2010 Jen "Duh"'s the News
70s <DIR>22 items2 Sep 2012 The Seventies Radio Show
bsom <DIR>6 items22 Mar 2013 Bluegrass State of Mind
binny <DIR>3 items20 May 2012 Arnie and Binny
mystery <DIR>44 items14 Dec 2010 Mystery Babylon with William Cooper
barbie <DIR>3 items13 Dec 2010 Coffee Time With Barbie
jazz-beat <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 Jazz Beat Worldwide
watchman <DIR>1 item14 Dec 2010 The Watchman of the Night Global Connection Radio Broadcast
spotlight <DIR>9 items25 Feb 2012 North American Pirate Radio Hall of Fame Spotlight
radio-legion <DIR>4 items14 Dec 2010 Radio Legion
scream <DIR>6 items6 Sep 2012 The Scream of the Butterfly
fredflintstone <DIR>1 item8 Mar 2013 The Fred Flintstone Music Show
lady-wolfs-head <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 Lady Wolf's Head
pirate-joe <DIR>7 items14 Jan 2018 Pirate Joe Radio Extravaganzo
rmf <DIR>8 items14 Dec 2010 The RMF Show
b-movie-bob <DIR>12 items19 Sep 2014 The B Movie Bob Radio Show
ltb <DIR>3 items14 Dec 2010 Leonard Thomas Brown
country <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 The Country Music Show with Sonny Hill
tbv <DIR>2 items14 Dec 2010 Tommy's Better Variety of Music
timtron <DIR>37 items7 Sep 2018 Radio Timtron Worldwide
historic <DIR>30 items7 Sep 2018 Historic Recordings
planet-lavender <DIR>3 items14 Dec 2010 Planet Lavender
think-tank-north-america <DIR>12 items10 May 2014 Think Tank North America
american-viewpoint <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 American Viewpoint
goddess-irena-1 <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 Goddess Irena 1
wdcd <DIR>28 items14 Dec 2010 W.D.C.D. Radio - a wanton display of control and disruption
trailer-trash <DIR>2 items23 Mar 2017 Trailer Trash Radio
radio-clandestine <DIR>21 items4 May 2013 Radio Clandestine
winterfest <DIR>3 items22 Mar 2014 SWL Winterfest
ramsey <DIR>3 items23 Nov 2011 Ramsey's Roadhouse
aipm <DIR>8 items24 Feb 2012 Adventures In Popular Music
split-secs <DIR>20 items14 Dec 2010 Split Secs
pan-global-wireless <DIR>16 items15 Mar 2013 Pan Global Wireless
seldom <DIR>6 items12 Feb 2012 Seldom Heard Radio
hott <DIR>28 items7 Sep 2011 Hour of the Time
radio3 <DIR>1 item14 Dec 2010 Radio 3 with Sal Ammoniac
kut-the-krap <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 Kut The Krap With A.J.
martian <DIR>1 item14 Dec 2010 Martian Radio Theater
11L-RNI <DIR>6 items21 Dec 2012 Radio Newyork International with John Lightning
tesla <DIR>4 items3 May 2012 The Strange Life of Nicola Tesla
radio510 <DIR>5 items14 Dec 2010 Radio 510 International
marions-attic <DIR>1 item1 Oct 2017
shep <DIR>6 items15 Mar 2018 The Jean Shepherd Show
last-roundup <DIR>6 items13 May 2012 The Last Roundup with Al Parker
radioshortbus <DIR>1 item14 Dec 2010 Radio Short Bus
deluxe <DIR>1 item17 May 2011 Deluxe with Brian Eagan
lumpy <DIR>163 items4 Oct 2018 The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show
kent-state <DIR>1 item5 May 2011 Kent State Special
alan-sane <DIR>10 items13 Dec 2010 The Alan Sane Show
vsi <DIR>29 items29 Dec 2013 VSI Radio International
rfny <DIR>4 items14 Dec 2010 Radio Free New York
pr-gnus <DIR>57 items14 Dec 2010 PR Gnus by Mr. F. LeMur
squad51 <DIR>7 items14 Dec 2010 Squad 51
<DIR>1 item19 Oct 2014 Available Time Slot Radio
aww <DIR>59 items28 Oct 2018 Allan Weiner Worldwide
secular-bible-study <DIR>18 items24 Jun 2013 The Secular Bible Study
pirates-cove <DIR>9 items14 Dec 2010 The Pirate's Cove
hal-turner <DIR>22 items13 May 2016 The Hal Turner Show
idio-audio <DIR>28 items2 Dec 2011 Idio-Audio
867-5309 <DIR>3 items13 Dec 2010 867-5309
brother-joe <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 A Voice In The Wilderness
complex <DIR>362 items15 Nov 2013 Complex Variables Studio
pagan-potpourri <DIR>24 items25 Mar 2011 Pagan Potpourri
clone-zone <DIR>2 items13 Dec 2010 The Clone Zone
london-calling <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 London Calling
radio-jennifer <DIR>48 items6 Feb 2011 Radio Jennifer
caroline <DIR>20 items13 Dec 2010 Radio Caroline
totally-naked <DIR>1 item14 Dec 2010 Totally Naked Radio
slack <DIR>13 items5 Mar 2016 Church of the Subgenius
juliet <DIR>1 item29 Oct 2018 Juliet's Wild Kingdom
fix-your-radio <DIR>1 item28 Aug 2014 Fix Your Radio with Fred Jodry
sparky <DIR>22 items28 Dec 2013 Sparky Vision
pocket-calculator <DIR>2 items14 Dec 2010 Pocket Calculator Radio Show
julie <DIR>1 item13 Dec 2010 Ask Julie
general-store <DIR>4 items13 Dec 2010 The General Store Variety Show
dolphy <DIR>1 item15 Dec 2010 The Eric Dolphy Mystery Hour
laser-radio <DIR>1 item12 Feb 2012 Laser Radio
pab-subgenus <DIR>26 items14 Dec 2010 The Pab Subgenus Project
plastic <DIR>49 items28 Nov 2017 Plastic Magic
odin-lives <DIR>54 items3 Jun 2012 Odin Lives
tampon-tea <DIR>1 item27 Feb 2011 The Tampon Tea Bingo Hour
antenna4 <DIR>15 items3 Jan 2012 Antenna4
rob <DIR>2 items14 Dec 2010 The Rob Zone
fdr <DIR>2 items13 Dec 2010 FDR
airchecks <DIR>7 items5 Oct 2017 Classic Radio Airchecks
pjl <DIR>1 item14 Dec 2010 Pastor John Lewis
lost <DIR>184 items6 May 2013 The Lost Discs Radio Show
grits <DIR>9 items16 Nov 2017 Grits Radio
420-reality-check <DIR>2 items5 May 2012 420 Reality Check (from Planet World News)
radio-detective <DIR>2 items14 Dec 2010 Radio Detective
full-gospel-hour <DIR>2 items27 Jun 2017 The Full Gospel Hour
khaos-ad <DIR>3 items3 Sep 2012 Khaos A.D.
zombo <DIR>4 items5 Oct 2017 Zombo's Mondo Record Party
rupert-franks <DIR>1 item14 Dec 2010 The Rupert Franks Show
dj-merlin <DIR>28 items13 Dec 2010 International World Beat Music
album-zone <DIR>3 items22 Feb 2011 The Album Zone
jeremiah33-3 <DIR>4 items13 Dec 2010 Jeremiah 33:3
music-download <DIR>2 items21 Feb 2011 The Music Download Scene
vinyl-treasures <DIR>1 item23 Nov 2011 Vinyl Treasures
vogm <DIR>2 items10 Feb 2011 Voice of the Good Monkey
brother-stair <DIR>2 items15 Oct 2016 The Overcomer Minsitry
pirate <DIR>46 items8 May 2016 The Free Radio Archive
shortwave-saturday-night <DIR>1 item11 Jan 2015 Shortwave Saturday Night
jay <DIR>82 items1 Jan 2016 Jay calls WBCQ

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